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Problem with access link sent to user on tickets created by staff or admin


The access link has brackets appended to the end of the url [] which make viewing the ticket impossible. You need to manually remove the [] to be able to access the tickets. It keeps taking you to the send access link page on clicking the URL.


  • Using 1.9.2 version.
  • Seems like this does not happen on 1.9.3 version, i just upgraded and created a new ticket.
  • So should I mark this as resolved and close the thread? :)
  • edited August 2014
    Iam not sure yet, seems to happen at random. You can close this for now, but ill make a bug report if i see this behaviour again.

    I will just paste the link to show how it looks like ( some parts are removed so you dont actually access the ticket )

    Note the brackets at beginning and 2 brackets at end of the link.
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