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Is there login Auth with external DB?

Hi to All,

I want to use my existing user DB for login on osTicket. 
Is there any option or modification to do this?

Thanks in Advance.


  • Any suggestion ??
  • edited June 2014
    In case you are using latest osTicket (1.9.2) or able to upgrade to, you could use LDAP or HTTP/Webserver authentication for login into osTicket.

    Can you please provide more info about your setup (like:, what kind of "existing user DB" you have (mysql database, ldap, ...?) and if authentication against your webserver or ldap solve this problem?
  • Thanks Chefkeks  for quick reply.
    I am using the latest osTicket (1.9.2) & my existing user DB is on mysql.
    I have a web service to authenticate the users that web service i want to use in osTicket for login (if possible).

  • We need to pull some information from another database thus we need to connect to the other database.
    ( IT IS NOT THE OSticket database just remote connect, we need to connect to another database but on the same
    server )
    Unfortunately the connection to the database is refused or it does not work.

    The following code has been inserted to the file

    $objConnect = mysql_pconnect('hostname','username','password') or die("Unable to connect to SQL server");
    $objDB = mysql_select_db('databasename') or die("Unable to select database");
  • forgot to mention it is still osTicket 1.6
  • @weeramon please read do not hijack other peoples threads, also please read and follow this thread: Please read before requesting assistance.
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