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Polling email setting


My current Os-ticket have piping functionality only (mailing by generating tickets). I want to add polling functionality means want to generate ticket while emailing to Please configuration setting step by step. while I am using different posted discussion , its making me confuse.

Thanks in Advance


  • Step 1 - read
    Step 2 - shut off piping.
    Step 3 - configure your email account information as read about in Step 1.
  • Hi,
    Thanks for your reply.
     How do I shut off the piping?
    I have set all the required configuration for polling. My cron job is working fine but its not fetching emails to create tickets from inbox of email

  • I have no idea how you would shut off piping.  It depends entirely on what you did / how you set it up in the first place, and your flavor of mail server.  I would recommend that you check out the Email Piping Wiki: as it may help you figure out how you set it up.
  • Thanks ntozier

    Now I am able to get tickets fetching from mail. I had not enabled the pop in my gmail setting. 

    But now i want to raise ticket for particular department, Is it possible ?
  • You can set the default department at: Admin panel -> Settings -> Default department.
    Additionally you can use Ticket Filters to setup rules to over ride this behavior at Admin panel -> Manage -> Ticket Filters. Additionally you can set default departments based on Help Topics at Admin panel -> Manage -> Help Topics -> every help topic.
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