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Clean tablet ost_file_chunk

Hi Guys

In 16 months aprox,  mysql table ost_file_chunk has 3,4 GB. In my opinion save the attachments (images, files, etc) into a mysql table is a grave error, because the table will never cease to grow infinitely.

Can I erase this table ?

Thanks and greetings from Spain


  • Deleting the contents of that table will erase all your file attachments on historical tickets.
  • I found regular pruning of the "old" tickets saves a lot of space.

    To preserve attachments (although, only "visible" attachments) I use this mod:

    Once setup, it even works "inside" osTicket, where you can do a search for old tickets, select all, hit delete.. they get archived into Department subfolders and deleted from the database. Staff love being able to refer to ancient tickets via the fileserver, dba's love having less blobs taking up space.
  • Hello Grizly. 

    To preserve attachments (although, only "visible" attachments) I use this mod:

     Where does the mod line above go?
  • Hi, 

    I don't uderstand this mod...

    I need write this in code?

  • mod is for 1.7.2
    You would need to manually make the modifications from your version to the code listed in the project, or download the changed files and copy them over the original. [make sure you back up first].
  • edited August 2014

    Now have 1.8.2 are any mod?

  • I really wrote that two years ago.. Wow.
    I can make a new version as a plugin.
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