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Task List within Ticket

I am not sure if anyone has requested this, I have searched for it and found nothing related.  I have had a few tickets that I am responsible for, but the ticket may require multiple tasks to be completed prior to closing the ticket.  Each task could be the responsibility of the person assigned to the task or the responsibility of many.  I would ask that Tasks could be built inside of a ticket and assign responsibility at the task level under the ticket.

I know that I can assign the ticket to another individual, but I need tasks completed asynchronously.  I am sure that everyone understands what I mean, but let me provide an example, I am also open to any suggestions to accomplish what I am asking for with the current system.  I should also note that I am on v1.8.1.2 and love everything about it!

TICKET: Install New UPS in Rack 1 as a result of UPS failure (assign Ticket to Charles)

  • Move server power source to alternate power source (assign task to Tom)
  • De-Rack Old UPS (assign task to Jerry)
  • Rack new UPS (assign task to Jerry)
  • Update UPS Software on machines in the rack (assign task to Tweety)
  • move server power source to new UPS (assign task to Tom)
  • configure host/client power configurations (assign to Charles)

In this scenario, Charles has been assigned the ticket as he is going to oversee this swap, he then tells Tom to change the servers power source in Rack 1 to some alternate power source, then tells Jerry to swap the UPS, but at the same time, tells Tweety to update the server software that will communicate with the new UPS.  Once this has been accomplished Charles tells Tom to move the server power source to the new UPS.  Three tasks can be "worked on" at the same time and even though Charles can just add an internal note explaining the delegation of duties, it would be nice to have the Task List instead of a series of internal notes explaining progress, questions, updates, etc.  I just feel that it keeps things cleaner and more functional.

Thank you for your time.


  • ...and Tasks could include start/due datetime in addition, start datetime could be dependent upon the closing of another related task, i.e. De-Rack Old UPS cannot start until Move server power source to alternate power source has been closed.
  • Adding tasks is on our todo list. 
  • oh cool, thank you again, product gets better every day.
  • perhaps this question is better suited to be added as a plugin but will tasks be able to be added to ticket via automation based on ticket type created/ ticket category?

    For example looking at the sample case scenario above there is obviously a very specific manor in which Johnweidauer's organization manages replacing a UPS. I'd imagine that like my organization those are fixed procedures and would be better suited as automated tasks created for a ticket once categorized. This is just a thought..a suggestion if you will given the area in which this is being posted. the direction OSticket has gone in in the last 2 releases.
  • HI

    i looking something like this. in the above UPS example. what i want to do is after completing task 1 only 2nd person can do his task. it's kind of sequential tasks. 

    Is this possible with 1.10 ?

    Thanks & Regards,
  • Sounds like project management, just needs a Gantt chart and schedule of risks.

    You could do it with sub tickets, a plugin could keep track of each project/task and Shepard the tickets within..
  • also this thread is from 2014.
    Closing ancient thread.
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