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Error before install: unexpected T_STATIC include/class.plugin.php on line 110

I downloaded and uploaded the osTicket version at helpdesk folder in my server (hostgator using PHP 5.2).
i did change the ost-config.php file to write permission too.

However, when I try to acess the setup or root helpdeskt folder in order to start my installation, I got this error:

Does anyone know what I have to do in order to fix that?

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STATIC in /home/porto8/public_html/helpdesk/include/class.plugin.php on line 110


  • Please confirm that you are running PHP 5.3+.
  • WTF!!!  Running phpinfo it says it´s running 5.2.17 :((((((
    I´m connecting to the chat support to ask if hostgator may migrate to 5.3.

    Can i download some version of osTicket that runs with 5.2.17?
  • edited April 2014
    I found a way to migrate do 5.3 in cpanel. Now osTicket 1.8 is working fine... yeahhhh!!!

  • Very welcome. :)  You may still have some issues with running cron.php since command line php will probably default to php 5.2.  You can get around this when you setup the cron job by specifying which version of php to use

    */5 * * * *
    /opt/php53/bin/php /home3/username/public_html/domain.tld/api/cron.php

    Or by changing the first line of the cron.php to point to the newer version of PHP.

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