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Supported variables - Official list

edited April 2014 in General Discussions

Is-there anywhere a full official list of the supported variables for the email templates for v1.8.1.2?
I tried for instance and it is working fine but it is not listed anywhere (or I did not find it).

Thanks for your help.


  • The only list that I know of is the one that I compiled at:

    Please let me know if you find any that no longer work (or ones that aren't there).  There should be a new list forth coming at some point, but work on 1.8.2 is higher priority atm.
  • Thank you for that. I found your list previously but did not find what I was looking for.
    For instance, we can use %{} that is not in this list.
    I am sure there are a few other ones. Is your list official or you did it by yourself and post it?

    If it is an unofficial, I think that it can also be a good investment to list everything that we can use. But how to that? it is certainly somewhere in the code, I will try to have a look on that.
  • I compiled it myself and since I'm not a dev that would make it rather un-Official. :)

    Chances are all the ticket.X probably also work with recipient.X prefixes but I haven't gotten around to testing them. recipients.X was added with Collaborators iirc.
  • add %{ticket.thread.original} to this list which is super useful.
  • really nice thanks for the tips.
  • Let me say : FABULOUS it answer to another topic I opened I will make an update with your information Jaehdawg
  • I've updated the post with: %{ticket.thread.original}
    Thank you for posting that here, not sure how I missed that one since I actually have suggested it to people in the past! /facepalm
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