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Round Robin Feature

I've only been able to find 1 post about this and there wasn't much discussion in it.

We want to use osTicket as a sales ticket system rather than a support ticket system. So emails will come in / web forms submitted, but we want the tickets to be given to the next sales person in line; rather than having it be a free for all fight over the best commissioned sale.

is a Round Robin system a possibility? is it on your road map? We've seen that other ticket systems have this feature, just wondering if there could be further discussion about it here.


  • edited April 2014
    We use it for sales.. but have never thought about implementing that.. in what way would you do it?
    It might make a good plugin. That way you could have a different round robin for each department. 
    You might need several staff working on a specific "topic" of ticket for each department.. you could implement a custom ticket-filter to do it.

    For instance, you could create a new team "sales-rr", "sales-queries-rr" for each "round-robin queue" and add the staff to it, then keep the last assigned staff member per queue in a variable somewhere, whenever you get a new ticket for a team ending in -rr, simply check the appropriate list, find the next member and assign the new ticket to them.. could work.

    // psuedocode..
    $ticket; // should be available to a ticket-filter, might not be called this.
    $queue_name = $ticket->getTeam;
    // see if team/queue name ends in -rr otherwise don't use round-robin system.
    if (substr_compare ( $queue_name, '-rr', - 3, strlen ( $queue_name ) ) === 0) {
    	$team = new Team ( $ticket->getTeamId() ); // generally.. needs work!
    	// check the last assignment
    	$last_assignment_id = db_query (); // ... SELECT rr_queues_$queue_name FROM My_VARS .. or something
    	$assign_to_next_staff_member = false;
    	$members = $team->getMembers();
    	foreach ( $members as $staff ) {
    		if ($assign_to_next_staff_member) { //if this is the one immediately following the last assigned staff, use it!
    		if ($last_assignment_id == $staff->id) {//check each staff in team to see if they were the last one assigned a ticket
    			$assign_to_next_staff_member = true;
    	if(!$ticket->isAssigned && $assign_to_next_staff_member){
    		//last member of team was assigned for the last ticket, assign to first staff member.
    		$ost->logError('Failed to assign ticket to round-robin queue ' . $queue_name, 'Ticket: ' . $ticket->id);
    function assign_ticket($ticket,$staff){
    	$ticket->assignToStaff ( $staff, 'Auto-Assigned by round robin' );
    	db_query (); // update myvars... save the $staff->id to the table..
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