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Traducción de Osticket 1.8.1 a Español

Hola amigos

Me pregunto si existe una traducción para esta version de osticket, en la 1.7.0 si existe y ahora al subir de versión esta todo en la lengua de shakespeare.

En caso de no existir ¿Donde debería ir haciendo traducciones a mano? al menos del front office que es lo que ven los clientes


  • To join the translation efforts please read:

    NEW! Multi-Lingual Support, Phase 1

    Our internationalization efforts is underway - thanks to the community - we’re happy to report that we now have 35 active translations with over 500 contributors. Starting with osTicket v1.8.1, you can select the language preference, as a staff member, for the internal help tips. You can also now select the language of the email templates used for auto responses to customers and alerts & notices to staff when you create a new set of templates. The templates for the selected language will be used instead of English templates provided desired language pack is installed;

    Please note that the interface is not translated at the moment - that will come in phase II. We invite you to join the movement and help us get through Phase II -- (more information to follow)!

  • Thanks

    I visited this project but can not use translated files, can´t download any file.

    Are phase II finished?

  • There will be an announcement when phase II has been completed.
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