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ost-config.php - SSL options

Hi osTicket friends.

I have set up the following in my os-config.php - but it doesn´t work via SSL.

# SSL Options
# ---------------------------------------------------
# SSL options for MySQL can be enabled by adding a certificate allowed by
# the database server here. To use SSL, you must have a client certificate
# signed by a CA (certificate authority). You can easily create this
# yourself with the EasyRSA suite. Give the public CA certificate, and both
# the public and private parts of your client certificate below.
# Once configured, you can ask MySQL to require the certificate for
# connections:
# > create user osticket;
# > grant all on osticket.* to osticket require subject '<subject>';
# More information (to-be) available in doc/security/


#Table prefix

#Language config
define('ENABLE_SSL','yes'); #no / yes

I have no idea why? Hope someone of you can help me with this. I´m using the German Version osTicket (v1.8.0.2)

Thanky you so much !


  • My understanding is that those are hooks for a FUTURE feature which hasn't been implemented entirely. Also there is no official German version of osTicket.  osTicket is currently only available in English from:


    If you downloaded your version from some place other than those two you will need to talk to those authors for support.
  • I´ve installed it from:

    So it isn´t possible to use osticket on a SSL Server yet?

    I´m wondering, why I found it in the ost-config-example.php ... Can you help me?
  • That is not the official repository please speak to whoever is running that site for support.
  • Hallo Dominic78

    Es bringt nichts hier im englischen Forum die deutsche Version von zu diskutieren. 
    Du kannst deine Fragen zur deutschen Version im neuen deutschen Forum unter stellen. 

    Und nun zu deiner Frage:
    Wenn du SSL  in der deutschen Version nutzen willst musst du diese Option in der ost-config.php auf "yes" stellen.

    define('ENABLE_SSL','yes'); #no / yes

    Ist richtig. 
    Diese Einstellung regelt die Abfrage in der bootstrap.php
  • I've try this, but cron job don't work for me
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