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Installing language pack

I have OSTicket v1.8.0.2 installed. From I downloaded pl.phar file (with polish translation). I put it to include/i18n folder. But I don't know how and where can I switch osticket to polish. I love sports betting more than casinos – and as I can find it all on one site, this is such a great opportunity. A list of reliable bookmakers with their rating, review, and opportunities they give – who wouldn’t dream about it?
can you help?


  • I have the same problem:

    A quote from another thread:

    how to install auth-ldap in windows

    " This plugin will not work unless you are running 1.8.1+. 
    If you are running 1.8.1+ and its properly installed you would go to Admin panel -> Manage -> Plugins where you will have to install/enable/configure the plugin."

    I don't have a Plugins option under Manage.
    I'm running 1.8-git, is this the reason for no Plugins option?
    phpinfo() shows phar enabled.

  • edited February 2014
    You HAVE to be running 1.8.1+ for language files or plugins.
    They are not available and will not work with or 1.8git.

    note: 1.8.1 is in release candidate status (aka BETA).  It should NOT be used on a production server at this time.
  • Is it possible manually to extract the language phar?

    I tried 
    try {
        $phar = new Phar('da.phar');
        $phar->extractTo('/tmp/lang',null,true); // extract all files
    } catch (Exception $e) {
        echo "there was an error<br>";
    I got extracted the first directory level:
    config.yaml  department.yaml  email_template_group.yaml  filter.yaml  form.yaml  group.yaml  help_topic.yaml  priority.yaml  sla.yaml  team.yaml

    but then get this error:
    PharException: Extraction from phar "/tmp/da.phar" failed: Cannot extract "templates/pages", could not open for writing "/tmp/lang/templates/pages" in /tmp/udphar.php on line 4
    because templates is extracted as a file, not a directory as it is under en_US

  • I did not tested this yet, but i guess you have to download the edge FIRST, include the language *.phar file before installing the application. 
    It is possible to extract the phar file, but i had no luck with replacing the extracted files with the EN-US lang files.

    Note that the edge-download is, like @ntozier said, is not a stable release. Also, the language files retrained from the osTicket translation project (found HERE) do NOT contain the fully translated osticket. Only staff side is translated.

    Oh, and if you really want to look what's in the excactly in the PHAR file you downloaded: try 
  • By digging further, I saw that the user-side is not translated, which I wanted, so I'm translating the hardcoded strings in the php.


  • what's the way to install new language? I've try to unphar the files, but no success (some files don't unzip)
    I've created the it_IT folder and put into the phar file, but seems don't be recognize by osticket.
    I don't know the way. Suggestions?
  • Version 1.8.1 is release now and I'm running it. In the release notes I did not see this being fixed in

    I've got the same problem. I put the nl.phar in the plugins directory, but Osticket does not see any plugins.
    How can we fix things?
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