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Create a ticket by forwarding email


First thanks a lot for this great tool which greatly improved our customer support handling.
However we are missing a small feature. Here is the use case:
Most of our support request are sent by email to a marketing person, who cannot "move" the emails to the mail address polled by osticket. However, he can "forward" the emails to this address. The problem is that in this case, osticket automatically sets the client to this marketing person, instead of the real client.
Would it be possible that osticket somehow recognize forwarded emails and gets the right client out of it ?
As an alternative we are actually changing by hand the ticket owner. In this case the missing feature is that the new ticket owner does not receive an email alert.
Would it be possible to implement one of these features ?

Thanks a lot !


  • We had a similar issue.

    We managed to instruct the person to copy 'n' paste the original emails after creating a user account for him.
    Also we had a massive campaign to contact our clients to educate them how to send a proper support request and the location to send it to.

    Now the clients generally send their problems to the correct address, and the person that originally had to manually create the tickets can get on with their day job and create tickets if required!
  • We have found a workaround solution for this. We are using a specific email address  that our customers or colleagues can ask technical support questions. This email address is the same as a "user" and from this inbox osTicket is allowed to pick up mail (Exchange server access) and thus creating a ticket. 

    We have then in Outlook at our different users that are likely to receive an email that really is a technical support question that should be handled in Ticket (e.g. sales people, marketing), added this "user" inbox in their Outlook view.

    Now it is really easy for them to get a ticket created and with the correct customer email address that should receive the reply. They just drag the mail into the "user" inbox and within a minute the mail is picked up and a ticket is created.
  • @Holmer that's brilliant! 
    /goes to add the ticket address to his Outlook.
  • edited April 2015
    We do the same thing here and for me personally I added a "Quick Step" in Outlook, that automates the process of drag&drop the mail to the ticket inbox with just 1 click at the quick step ;)
  • @chefkeks can you write a quick post about how to add the quick step 1 click?
  • edited April 2015
    Sure. So glad I did not forget it... you know I'm an old man :D ;)

    In Outlook, go to the "Quick Settings" in the first ribbon and click on "create new" (or edit an existing, un-used one)


    Then add the options/actions as needed (+ assign a shortcut) and save it:


    Done (:

    Now can easily move, copy, delete, etc. based on a predefined quick step using the shortcut (e.g. CTRL+SHIFT+1) or via a click at the "Email to Ticket" quick step at the ribbons ;)
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