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1.8.02 Strange Issue?

Running the latest version of osticket on centos 6.5 under ngnix w/ php-fpm...
Having this weird issue where on every pop-over/pop-up, it seems like its re-loading the same page inside itself,
for instance whenever someone clicks on the type of new ticket category they'd like to create:
any thoughts on how to correct this?


  • Your images appear to be broken.  Please try adding them again.
  • that looks better... apparently cloudflare doesn't like hotlinking of images...
  • I've asked the devs to take a look at this thread.  That's bizarre.
  • lol agreed! thank you very much! maybe the devs can make more sense of this than i...
  • Sadly I dont know much about ngnix ( I should really setup up a ngnix server to play with some day ). If this were apache I would look at the apache config or .htaccess files your using.  Or look at any redirects your doing.  I would also look at your error logs (ngnix and php) and let us know if your seeing any errors.

    You can get some more help here
  • yes, but these issues are not related.. in fact there is not an error at all in my nginx error.log
  • Sorry, these issues aren't strange at all. You're nginx server isn't configured to handle the ajax requests correctly. We send requests to /scp/ajax.php/path/to/ajax/call, and nginx is sending the request to the index.php script rather than scp/ajax.php
  • ahhhh thanks brother, all i needed to know, wrote a proper re-write call and its all working fine...
  • @mdinatale if you dont mind could you post your re-write here (sanitize the paths if you need to) so that if someone else runs into this perhaps they will see it and it will help them?  Thanks.
  • sure thing, the following fixes 90% of issues:
            set $path_info "";
            location ~ /include {
                deny all;
                return 403;
            if ($request_uri ~ "^/api(/[^\?]+)") {
       set $path_info $1;
    location ~ ^/api/(?:tickets|tasks).*$ {
       try_files $uri $uri/ /api/http.php?$query_string;
    if ($request_uri ~ "^/scp/.*\.php(/[^\?]+)") {
       set $path_info $1;
    location ~ ^/scp/ajax.php/.*$ {
       try_files $uri $uri/ /scp/ajax.php?$query_string;

            ### root directory ###
            location / {
                     try_files $uri $uri/ index.php;

    then add this to your php block:
    fastcgi_param  PATH_INFO $path_info;

    The only problem i'm having now is that upon ticket creation,
    my users get a 504 Gateway Timeout (but it still works), and it seems as though
    its taking longer to do normal things that were usually much faster
    with my old config...
    nginx log states:
    tickets.hamdenps.local, request: "POST /open.php HTTP/1.1", upstream: "fastcgi://unix:/var/run/php-wordpress.socket:", host: "tickets.hamdenps.local", referrer: "http://tickets.hamdenps.local/open.php"

    and php-fpm error log reports:
    [31-Jan-2014 14:51:35] WARNING: [pool wordpress] child 1451, script '/var/www/html/tickets.hamdenps.local/upload/open.php' (request: "POST /open.php") executing too slow (5.176479 sec), logging
    [31-Jan-2014 14:51:35] NOTICE: child 1451 stopped for tracing
    [31-Jan-2014 14:51:35] NOTICE: about to trace 1451
    [31-Jan-2014 14:51:35] NOTICE: finished trace of 1451

  • ok it appears as though anytthing that requires an email to be sent is causing the delay where there was none before... anybody have any ideas?
  • I am getting this same issue when trying to send e-mail.  @mdinatale were you able to figure out the issue?
  • Thread is for a no longer supported version and from 2014.  You would probably be better served opening a thread with your pertinent environment and describing your issue than necromancer-ing an ancient thread.
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