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Edit Users

Is there a way to edit / update / delete users in 1.8?


  • I presume that you mean clients.
    • Log in as a staff.
    • Click "New Ticket"
    • Search for the user.
    • Click Continue.
    • Click on their Name <email@address.tld>
    • Edit their contact information.
    • Click "Update User"
  • Yes, I was referring to the clients and that is what I was looking for as far as editing goes. Is there anyway to remove old clients / duplicates?
  • It's easier to answer that as two separate questions. There is no way to remove old clients currently... but then I think that would break all your old tickets as they would no longer have the client name to display.

    I'm not sure what you mean by duplicates... as I have not encountered any duplicates.  Client emails are stored in the ost_user_email table.  You should be able to look at that and see if there are any duplicates.  The user_id corresponds to the default_email_id in the ost_user_email table. (which is also where the clients name is stored)  You could cross reference those two tables (or run a quesry to join them) and check for dupes. There is no automated mechanism or UI for doing this currently... although I imagine once user accounts are more fully implemented there will be some sort of user management section of the UI.

  • for admin users via sql commands (can be done with a script) including added or removing users :

    the info really its here but in spanish due osticket developers does not have "time" to document well the tables and the system oviosly u must use gmail and not have a mocosoft account.. only for linuxes
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