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email piping not working since upgrading to 1.8

Since upgrading to 1.8, I haven't been able to get email piping to work. I even went so far as to install a fresh version of osticket with a fresh database, but to no avail. I get no error message or anything when I send an email. the mail log says it's piped it successfully. If I manually pipe random text to the script, it gives a parse error in the osticket logs, which is what I would expect. If I don't authorize the script to run in /etc/smrsh, the mail gets returned, so my mail server is picking up the mail, and ostensibly trying to pipe it when permissions are granted with smrsh, but when that happens, I get no error and no ticket. Any ideas? Anyone with similar issues?


  • Lots of people get this and are using PHP < 5.3 on the command line. You might try scanning other articles in the forum or try or
  • The version of php 5.3+. I have no idea what was wrong. After futzing around with the pipe.php symlink in /etc/smrsh (changing it to the new virtual site location and back) and restarting sendmail, it magically started working. Color me flummoxed (what color IS flummoxed, anyway?) but at least it's working now!
  • whoops. Spoke too soon. Looks like it works on the new install but not the old. I'll keep trying to hack it.
  • OK. Figured it out (sort of). Well I don't know if I know WHY it happened, but the way I solved it was dumping the mysql database from the non-piping site, loading it into the database on the fresh site, then switching the settings around so that basically the fresh site now looks and acts absolutely identically to the old site...and it pipes email! Huzzah!
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