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Page Timeout Issue

I'm curious...has anybody noticed a reoccurring issue where the page repeatedly times out when submitting consecutive tickets?

In our case, we have a client go in and submit consecutive tickets for different issues, and when they go to submit the 4th ticket, it times out on them. They get the typical "Internet Explorer can not display this page" page. I am having them test it out with Firefox and will update this when I get feedback on that (UPDATE: Having them access it through Firefox did not help either. It's almost like they are being blocked from accessing the site.), and I don't have this issue on Google, could this merely be a browser issue? ...or is there something in the code/configuration that might alleviate this problem?

I did have them wait a few minutes and attempt to resubmit the ticket, and they can, waiting doesn't seem to fix the issue. I'm not privy to the content of their ticket...but, is there possibly something they could be typing in the ticket that form that would cause this?

Thanks ahead of time.

UPDATE: I was able to figure out that this might be being blocked for them by our IPS blade, seems, for some reason, it is detecting a "command injection" on their requests, which could be caused by any number of issues. I'll look into this and update again if that doesn't solve the problem.


  • Just to make sure, you can check the php error log to make sure that the web server is operating correctly.

    On windows, it is located in c:\window\temp by default, or you can load the IIS manager, navigate to the PHP manager and locate the error log that way. I'm not sure where it is located on a linux machine.
  • If they open the first 3 tickets fine, and then cannot open a 4th... then I doubt that there is a problem with PHP or the webserver. You might try some basic network troubleshooting.

    i.e. have them ping or traceroute to your server and see what happens.

    There is also a "Maximum Open Tickets:" in Admin panel -> settings. While my installations do not behave the way your describing I do wonder what you have that set to.
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