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Ticket closing Reasons


I think a list of reasons should be available when staff closes a ticket, this reasons should be able to be updated from admin account.

the idea is that when closing a ticket, staff chooses a reason from the list, so when admin (or manager) checks the closed cases, statistics can be extracted. for example, a list of reasons could be:

A) user error
B) hardware error
C) software error
D) closed due customer not repliying a request
E) incrorrect ticket opening

so, we can extract monthly reports of how many tickets were closed due what reason.. etc.

I hope this is considered for future releases.



  • it's a pity no one considers this as a good enhancement :(
  • On the contrary, I think that its a fantastic idea [even if it does assign blame, which we try not to do].
  • well, having statistics is the first step to solve the root of the issues, and the way to attack firstly the most time.consuming problems.
  • This is exactly what I need for our system !!
    Is there a way to configure this in v1.9.12 or v1.10-rc.2 ?

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