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Pre made Response strips out HTML

Can someone point me in the right direction for finding what to remove so that the HTML formatting i put in the Pre Made Response will keep the html. Right now there is definitely something stripping it out.

Any thoughts?


  • I just wanted to also mention that i have all the html hacks in place so that html emails are going out. I just do not see what is stripping out the html from the premade reply
  • The function you need to look for is "striptags". I'm not 100% sure, but I think you may need to edit /scp/kb.php around line 53 (at least in my files) you'll see:

    ', answer='.db_input(Format::striptags($_POST['answer']));

    I think the html tags will be left in if you change it to:

    ', answer='.db_input(Format::$_POST['answer']);
  • You need to also delete the Format::
    Otherwise, you will most likely get an error. I can't guarantee that it works, though. It is possible that you have to remove the function at a different place, if you want to actually send out emails with the html tags intact.
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