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Way to boost donations

Hey guys,
This is definitely a great piece of free software.

I really wanted to let you all know, there is a lot of money sitting on the table waiting for osTicket to grab it. I work for a pretty decent sized company, these guys were willing to shell out 500$ or more for a paid support script. I pretty much said I can take care of it for free and got osTicket. I tried to get commercial support but no one ever replied to my inquiry.

It would be great if osTicket would respond to commercial installation/support requests, and also sent out a newsletter to the administrators of all its software, reminding its users that this is free software and donations would be appreciated. It's kind of awkward for me to say to my boss "eh theses guys do a good job can we donate some money?" If you sent out a newsletter or something I could forward it over. Eh, I don't know... :rolleyes:
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