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osTicket Signiture files


Can anyone tell me if we can change the default signiture that is appended to osticket email notifications?

At the moment I have "Support Dept" as the sig default but would like to change it.


  • Please disregard this question. I have found the answer now, I couldnt find anything regarding this issue but as soon as I posted the question, I took another look and there is was :)
  • Just to let you know.

    For a temp fix you need to edit include/class.staff.php

    Find the following code:

    function appendMySignature(){
    return ($this->signature && $this->udata['append_signature'])?true:false;

    Replace it with this:

    function appendMySignature(){
    return $this->signature?true:false;

    Now you should be able to change the Signiture file for each member of staff.

    Thanks to Peter the developer for the answer to this issue.
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