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[MOD] Add "Ban and Delete" button to drop-down

Makes it quicker to get rid of spam messages.

Frankly, I'm just too lazy to click so many times and scroll around banning emails and deleting posts.. so having a single button that does both just makes sense!


Anyway, to "install"

Open /scp/tickets.php:

search for:
        case 'process':

Add directly beneath:
            	case 'bandemail' : 
if(!$thisstaff->canBanEmails() or !$thisstaff->canDeleteTickets()) {
$errors['err']='Perm. Denied. You are not allowed to ban & delete emails';
} elseif(BanList::includes($ticket->getEmail())) {
$errors['err']='Email already in banlist';
} elseif(Banlist::add($ticket->getEmail(),$thisstaff->getName()) && $ticket->delete()) {
$msg='Email ('.$ticket->getEmail().') added to banlist & ' .
'Ticket #'.$ticket->getNumber().' deleted successfully';
$ost->logDebug('Ticket #'.$ticket->getNumber().' deleted',sprintf('Ticket #%s deleted by %s',$ticket->getNumber(), $thisstaff->getName()));
$ticket=null; //clear the object.
} else {
$errors['err']='Unable to add the email to banlist or delete post.. try individually?';

Then open /include/staff/

<li><a id=\"ticket-banemail\" href=\"#banemail\"><i class=\"icon-ban-circle\"></i> Ban Email (<?php echo $ticket->getEmail(); ?>)</a></li>

Add beneath:
<li><a id=\"ticket-bandemail\" href=\"#bandemail\"><i class=\"icon-ban-circle\"></i> Ban & Delete (<?php echo $ticket->getEmail(); ?>)</a></li>

 <p class=\"confirm-action\" style=\"display:none;\" id=\"banemail-confirm\">
Are you sure want to <b>ban</b> <?php echo $ticket->getEmail(); ?>? <br><br>
New tickets from the email address will be auto-rejected.

and add beneath:
<p class=\"confirm-action\" style=\"display:none;\" id=\"bandemail-confirm\">
Are you sure want to <b>ban and delete</b> <?php echo $ticket->getEmail(); ?>? <br><br>
New tickets from the email address will be auto-rejected, this post will be deleted!
<br /><br />Deleted tickets CANNOT be recovered, including any associated attachments.

I'm pretty sure that was the simplest MOD in the history of MOD's.. no database changes etc required.. just a few simple tweaks.. but it makes the Ban and Delete workflow so much quicker!


  • your last and add beneath changed to (in osticket 1.9.12)

       <li><a class="confirm-action" id="ticket-bandemail"
                                href="#bandemail"><i class="icon-ban-circle"></i> <?php echo sprintf(
                                    Format::htmlchars(__('Ban and delete email <%s>')),
                                    $ticket->getEmail()); ?></a></li>
  • second Add beneath 

    <p class="confirm-action" style="display:none;" id="bandemail-confirm">
            <?php echo sprintf(__('Are you sure want to ban and delete'), $ticket->getEmail());?> <br><br>
            <?php echo __('New tickets from the email address will be auto-rejected, this post will be deleted.');?>
  • Thks Grizly: all working fine!!
  • Cheers mate, I should modify this to be a plugin. It's on my list.
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