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Stuck with 'Configuration file is not writable', help from osTicket gurus.

Hi! I'm new to osTicket. I was going through other threads but nothing close to the situation.

I'm stuck with 'Configuration file is not writable' of webbased osTicket Installer. I was following .

File permission:
-rw-rw-rw-. 1 apache apache 1464 Jul 17 15:31 include/ost-config.php

System: Linux fc17.i686
Apache/2.2.22 (Fedora)
PHP Version 5.4.16
MySQL version 5.5.23

Let me know if you have any query.

Thank you.


  • You could do 777 and change it later once your done editing it.

    also check the permissions on the directory.
  • Thank you ntozier.

    drwxr-xr-x. 11 apache apache 4096 Jul 17 15:55 support
    drwxr-xr-x. 7 apache apache 4096 Jul 17 15:31 include
    -rwxrwxrwx. 1 apache apache 1464 Jul 17 15:31 include/ost-config.php

    Same response, cannot move ahead.
  • Not sure what to tell you since I've never had that problem. My guess would be that your linux installation has some sort of security that isn't letting the file be read. (check .htaccess files, ensure that apache is running as the apache user)

    Alternatively you can just configure the file yourself using the sample provided.
  • Thank you ntozier, your clue is enough to move forward.

    The issue was security and that is SELinux.

    I made it work. Thanks again.
  • Can you please post what you change in your SELinux configuration here in case someone else runs into this problem? :)
  • I disabled SELinux to move forward for the time being.

    I've plan to make policy for osTicket and enable SELinux.

    Thanks again for being there.
  • zahid5566,

    Thanks for posting. And your very welcome. Have a great weekend!
  • edited May 11
    That's the same problem I was having, CentOS 7. - This fixed it. - Thanks!

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