osTicket v1.9 RC1 is now available!

The release candidate is not strictly for developers. All brave-hearted enthusiasts are encouraged to test-drive and troubleshoot the upcoming release. While it’s not necessarily fully recommended for production environments – yet (although we’re dogfooding it in production) – you can upgrade your existing osTicket installation with confidence.

What’s new?

The release introduces a host of new awesome features and enhancements.

Client Login and Registration

Setup flexible user registration policy for your help desk to match your needs. Users can register for accounts via the client portal and can now login with a username and password instead of email and ticket number. We also have a forgot-my-password link and several other new minor adjustments to the user profile.

External Authentication Support

Use third-party SSO to authenticate your users and staff. Initial support include OAuth2 and LDAP (v0.5 of the LDAP plugin is required)

User Directory

Search, view, and manage, even delete! contact information from the users from whom you receive tickets. Staff can also manually register users and even set an initial password.


Organize your users together into organizations. Organizations can have internal owners ("Account Manager") and external owners ("Primary Contact"). The Account Manager can receive new ticket and new message alerts. Organization Primary Contacts and members can be automatically added to tickets as collaborators.

User and Organization Notes

Quickly view, edit, add and remove pertinent notes on your users and organizations

Form Management

Staff members can now add, delete, and sort forms attached to tickets, users and organizations as well as remove stale data where fields have been retired from active forms.

Custom Properties for Lists

Add properties to your list items and use it in your email templates and pages. For example create an address property to a list of locations. List items can also be disabled now, which causes them to be hidden from selection.


If you are installing osTicket for the first time, then simply download osTicket v1.9-RC1 or clone osTicket GitHub repository (and switch to the develop-next branch) and follow the installation guide on the wiki. If you are using an older version of osTicket, then please refer to the upgrade guide for complete instructions.

Go get it now and help us get to a stable release sooner.


Please remember to utilize GitHub when reporting confirmed bugs. For general discussions, questions, feedback and comments - please use the forum.

To help shape the future development of osTicket and provide a valuable ongoing service to the osTicket community - I invite you to join our Avid Users Group for in depth discussions on upcoming features.

Happy testing everyone!

The osTicket Team

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